Sunzza Top Quality Sushi Box: - An Exquisite Collection of the Finest Sushi

Sunzza is an orginal plastic sushi box factory in Dongguan, which focus on this field over 12 years. We provide top quality sushi box for many major supermarket chains. We have perfect production process, quality control, R&D department, which can support top quality sushi box and provide more than 70 patterns for u to choose. Also customization is also the main part of our jobs. Sunzza provides top quality sushi boxes for your delicate life.
1. Food Safey Certification
Sunzza sushi boxes are made from food-grade materials. It is safe to human body.Our products have passed the food safety certification of the EU, the United States, China and other regions, providing you with the highest quality food grade plastics, so that you can use with confidence. Sunzza pays attention to every detail and consistently maintains high standards of health and safety.

2.The Anti-Fog Technology

The anti-fog lid for Sunzza boxes is highly effective under refrigeration, preventing condensation on the lid caused by temperature differences. This technology, pioneered by Sunzza Plastic, is the first of its kind in China. Its innovative design utilizes special anti-fog techniques to significantly reduce water vapor condensation on the lid, ensuring clear visibility and freshness of the food. Whether used in commercial settings or at home, this anti-fog lid ensures sushi and other foods maintain their ideal condition, offering a superior user experience and food safety.
top quality sushi box

3. Good Sealing
Our sushi boxes boast excellent sealability, ensuring the utmost freshness and protection for your food. Each box undergoes rigorous quality inspections before leaving our factory. Furthermore, every batch is subjected to impact tests to withstand accidental drops without the lid popping open, thereby safeguarding against dust and preserving the original flavor. With our commitment to stringent quality control measures, our sushi boxes are guaranteed to maintain their integrity and keep your food as fresh as when it was first prepared.
top quality sushi box

4.Design Capability
Sunzza Sushi Boxes are renowned in the industry for their exceptional design capabilities. We hold numerous design patents, committed to providing innovative and high-quality products to our customers. Currently, Sunzza Sushi Boxes offer over 70 patterns, catering to various occasions and needs. Whether you're hosting a large event or using them for everyday purposes, we have the perfect product for you. Additionally, if you wish to create a unique design, Sunzza's design team will tailor a solution specifically for you, ensuring your requirements are perfectly met. From selecting existing patterns to customizing designs, we are dedicated to delivering the best products and service experience.
top quality sushi box

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