Sunzza custom disposable sushi party tray container

        Disposable sushi party tray containers are convenient and practical for serving sushi at parties and events. These containers are typically designed to hold sushi rolls, nigiri, sashimi, and other sushi-related items. They come in various sizes and styles to accommodate different quantities of sushi and presentation preferences.As the picture ,which is our shinny gold series ,with so many size for your choose such 250*60mm ,which is good for party sushi packaging with antifog lid .
         Sunzza is a manufacture professional production the disposable sushi party tray container including cake packaging /PP bowl /sushi box so on with more than 10 years , we have different size in stock and can ship in 3days .Not only good quality but free sample also better service , if you interested in our product ,welcome contact us !
          Sunzza is focus on the production of disposable packaging box  , we want to do  brand can control the detail , including: independent innovation patent guarantee, mold fine manufacturing products, environmental protection raw materials guarantee, data quality testing, customized personalized era!
           We cooperation with many famous supermarket and brand such as eon/freshippo/sam's/wellcome/costco so on , you don't worry about the question of the quality ,and we have complete size in stock can ship in 3days .Sunzza custom sushi tray container
  1. Size and Compartmentalization: Sushi trays come in various sizes with compartments or sections to hold different types of sushi. Some trays have separate compartments for soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger.

  2. Material: Disposable sushi trays are often made from plastic or other food-safe materials. Plastic trays are lightweight, durable, and transparent or black in color to showcase the sushi's appearance.

  3. Lid: Many sushi trays come with clear plastic lids to protect the sushi and maintain freshness during transportation or storage.

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