Sunzza is a plastic sushi box guarantee of quality!

 Why during ten years sunzza can rapidly develop from a sales office into the top three well-known manufacturers in the food packaging industry? The brand reputation is far and wide overseas, many customers have come to us for help to produce disposable packaging, especially plastic sushi boxes?

Because our clients are convinced that the quality of our products, there will be no jersey-cutting to reduce gram weight, or often deformed hand scraping and product cover fog problems! This is because every time we do mass production, we will verify the pre-production samples, and conduct random sampling for anti-fog and other quality tests in the middle of production. In addition, there will be a quality inspection before bagging, and the unqualified products will be screened out immediately! We do not want to provide defective food packaging to our customers!

What’s more , we can offer 24 hours Intimate customer service and offer design draft during 1 hours ,also the fast delivery time .Our products are used in many ways such as sushi packaging /roast chicken packaging /cake packaging/salad packaging/lunch packaging with many different beautiful design .If you need blister disposable packaging , welcome contact sunzza !

We are a professional triangle plastic cake box manufacturer with rich experience in product manufacturing, welcome to contact us for more information.

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