Sunzza,professional blister plastic sushi box manufacturer

          Dongguan Sanze Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a plastic products manufacturer located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. The company specializes in the production and sale of various plastic products, including disposable tableware, food packaging containers, plastic boxes, and more.

As a professional plastic products company, Dongguan Sanze Plastic Products Co., Ltd. possesses advanced production equipment and a skilled technical team, dedicated to providing high-quality products and excellent services. The company places emphasis on product quality and environmental protection, ensuring that all products meet national and industry standards and requirements.

         Dongguan Sanze Plastic Products Co., Ltd. prioritizes customer satisfaction and continually strives to enhance product quality and innovation to meet diverse customer needs. The company upholds the principles of integrity, cooperation, and win-win partnerships, establishing long-term and stable relationships with customers.

        If you require services or products related to plastic products, Dongguan Sanze Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a reliable partner. They will provide you with high-quality plastic product solutions with professionalism and efficient production capabilities.

        It production different type items including diposable sushi box /soy sauce packaging cup/plastic sushi tray /disposable lunch box and bento box ,also paper sushi box /disposable bowl /plastic cake box ....As a original sushi box manufacturer , it can offer best price sushi box and fast delivery time of high quality sushi box .
Sunzza factory cover more than 2000 square meter ,have 12 automatic production line and more than 50 workers .Compare with tradictional production machine , it more faster and save the labor cost .The product quality is uniform and stable, and the output is huge.
fashion sushi box
              Sunzza devote oneself to offer best and cheap sushi box ,all the sushi box reach food grade require and with anti fog lid , welcome to sunzza contact more detail of fashion take out sushi box !

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