Enjoy Sushi on the Go with SUNZZA's Portable Sushi Containers

Enjoy Sushi on the Go with SUNZZA's Portable Sushi Containers

SUNZZA sushi containers are microwave safe, allowing you to quickly reheat your sushi without having to transfer it to another dish. This feature is perfect for those days when you need a quick and easy meal option.

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    Dongguan sunzza plastic industry co,.LTd is a directly factory with more than 10 yesterdays history production Japanese food grade blister packaging including sushi box /roast chicken box /cake box /disposable bento box /prep container/soy sauce bottles. Our factory cover more than 2000 square meters and have 12 full automatic production lines ,The monthly output can reach tens of thousands of tons.

    We have development a number of e-commerce wholesale and retail channels in China, including Taobao, Pinduoduo, Alibaba, and many brand cooperation channels, and our brand “Sunzza”awareness is deeply rooted in people's hearts.what is more ,our company Actively develop foreign markets, you can purchase products in our official google independent station and Ali International station gold store. Our overseas markets cover Europe, the United States, Canada and other developed countries.We promise that offer more competitive price and fast delivery time to you compare with others ,because we have large in stock .If you need custom food grade blister packaging ,sunzza is your best choice !

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Sunzza's Sushi Containers: A Perfect Balance of Style and Function

At Sunzza, we understand that presentation is key when it comes to sushi. Our sushi containers are designed to enhance the visual appeal of your dishes while maintaining the integrity of each delicate roll. Made from high-quality materials, these containers keep your sushi fresh and flavorful, making them ideal for takeout or home dining. Choose from our diverse range of styles to complement any occasion.

Sunzza's Sushi Containers: The Ultimate Solution for Sushi Enthusiasts

For sushi lovers who demand only the best, Sunzza presents its premium sushi containers. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, these containers are engineered to showcase the artistry of sushi preparation. With options that range from classic to contemporary, our containers cater to diverse culinary preferences, allowing you to enjoy your sushi just the way it's meant to be enjoyed – fresh, flavorful, and visually stunning.

Sunzza's Innovative Sushi Containers: Redefining Convenience and Elegance

Step up your sushi game with Sunzza's cutting-edge sushi containers. Engineered for both convenience and aesthetics, these containers are perfect for busy lifestyles. Not only do they offer quick and easy storage solutions, but their sleek designs also elevate the presentation of your sushi, making them a must-have for any sushi enthusiast.

Sunzza's Eco-Friendly Sushi Containers: Elevating Your Dining Experience

Our commitment to sustainability shines through in our biodegradable sushi containers, crafted with the environment in mind. These elegant yet functional pieces not only preserve the freshness of your sushi but also contribute to a greener planet. With a variety of designs and sizes available, our sushi containers cater to both traditional and modern dining needs, ensuring that every meal is an enjoyable experience.

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The product is very perfect, the quality is excellent and very durable, the manufacturer's delivery speed is very fast, and I look forward to continuing to cooperate next time.


Your company is strong, the logistics speed is very powerful, and the delivery time is accurate. I highly appreciate this cooperation and hope to continue to cooperate with your company for a long time!


They are a very strong company with accurate delivery times and guaranteed product quality! The receptionist was very kind and patiently answered our questions!

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SUNZZA offers various styles of sushi containers, including rectangle, round, square, and boat shapes. These containers cater to different presentation and storage needs, ensuring that both aesthetics and functionality are met.

Yes, SUNZZA also specializes in biodegradable packing solutions, offering eco-friendly alternatives such as disposable bowls, hamburger boxes, and sushi trays. These products are made from materials that decompose naturally, making them a sustainable choice for businesses and consumers alike.

SUNZZA has a comprehensive quality control system in place to ensure that all products, including sushi containers, meet high standards before they are shipped out. This commitment to quality is further evidenced by the positive feedback from existing customers, who have praised the company for its fast response times, favorable prices, and excellent product quality.

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