Sunzza Disposable Hard Kraft Rectangle Paper Box

             Disposable hard kraft rectangle paper box is good for sushi /cake/salad packaging ,it not Not easy to penetrate including water leakage and oil's wellcome by marekt because of Multilayer thickening, thick material and high strength bearing capacity.With so many complete size including 01/02/03/05/07/09/11 for your choose !
            The disposable hard kraft rectangle paper box provides an excellent solution for food packaging. Its key features include:
  1. Impermeability: The paper box is designed to prevent water and oil leakage effectively, ensuring that moisture or grease does not penetrate into the box, thus maintaining the freshness and quality of the food.

  2. Multilayer thickening: The box is designed with multiple layers of thickness, making it sturdy and durable. It can withstand the weight and pressure of the food, ensuring the integrity of the packaging.

  3. Thick material and high load-bearing capacity: Made from thick kraft paper, the box possesses a high load-bearing capacity, allowing for the safe packaging and transportation of food items.

This disposable paper box is particularly suitable for packaging sushi, cakes, salads, and other food items. Its excellent impermeability and high load-bearing capacity make it a popular choice in the market.
       If you intersted in this item please contact Dongguan Sunzza , which is professional production kraft rectangle paper box with more than 1o years rich experience and fast delivery time .

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