Sunzza Disposable Rectangle Food Grade Bento Box

         Disposable rectangle food grade bento box , it can be heated in microwave , Thickened material, high toughness, environmental hygiene odor, strict buckle. As the picture is our hot sale 5 compartment PP bento box ,size in 267*207*51mm , about 1200ml. These made from Dongguan Sunzza , welcome contact them for more detail !
            A disposable rectangle food-grade bento box is a container specifically designed for packaging meals or bento-style lunches. These boxes are typically made from food-safe materials such as plastic or biodegradable materials and are intended for single-use purposes.

The rectangle shape of the bento box provides separate compartments or sections for different food items, allowing for organized and portioned meals. It is commonly used for packing a variety of foods, including rice, vegetables, proteins, and side dishes.
Sunzza disposable plastic bento box

           The food-grade designation ensures that the materials used in the bento box are safe for storing and transporting food, meeting the necessary hygiene and safety standards. This is especially important when it comes to disposable food packaging, as it minimizes the risk of contamination.

           Disposable rectangle food-grade bento boxes are convenient for takeout meals, picnics, school lunches, or any situation where a pre-portioned and easily transportable meal is desired. They are available in various sizes and designs to accommodate different meal portions and preferences.
           Dongguan Sunzza plastic industry CO,.LTD is professional production Disposable Rectangle Food Grade Bento Box with rich experience , they produce the bento box via automatic production line with fast delivery time and cheaper labor .if you interested in it ,weclome contact them for more detail !

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