Disposable Hard Round Kraft Paper Packaging Bowl

           Disposable hard round kraft paper packaging bowl take-away salad lunch boxes, contains 750 ml / 1000 ml / 1100 ml / 1300 ml / 1500 ml capacity,  the multi-layer thickening quality of a material is solid and not easy to soften when it is heated, meantime not easy broken when it meets cold , High load-bearing capacity and environmental protection!
        Here is some detail of Disposable Hard Round Kraft Paper Packaging Bowl:
  • Materials :food grade kraft paper 
  • Size :25OZ/35oZ/36OZ/50OZ...
  • Color:white/brown/customized design
  • not advise microwave 
  • Shape:round /rectangular/more 
  • Without stock MOQ is 100cartons
        It shows three varieties of salads served in kraft paper bowls, widely preferred for their eco-friendly attributes and rustic appearance. These bowls are minimalist in design, circular in shape, and have the characteristic light brown hue of kraft paper. The rims of the bowls are slightly flared for easy handling.These Disposable Hard Round Kraft Paper Packaging Bowl are designed for single-use packaging, ideal for takeaways or fast-food services, reflecting a consideration for the environment.
        Frequently asked questions about Disposable Hard Round Kraft Paper Packaging Bowl:
  1. Eco-Friendly Material: Kraft paper is a sustainable resource, biodegradable and recyclable, making it less impactful on the environment.
  2. Aesthetic Design: The natural light brown color offers a rustic and organic feel, aligning with contemporary minimalist aesthetics.
  3. Ease of Use: The slightly flared edges of the bowls make them easy to hold and carry.
      If you want customized Disposable Hard Round Kraft Paper Packaging Bowl, Please contact more detail with Dongguan Sunzza!

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