Sunzza kraft paper disposable paper bowl

           Sunzza Thick kraft paper disposable paper bowl , high and low temperature resistance, in the range of -20℃-120℃, can be microwave , waterproof and oil-proof, food grade kraft paper material. Advantages: Good sealing, easy to open and use, disposable products.

       A disposable kraft paper bowl can be used to hold various types of food and liquids, typically for convenience foods and takeout. Here are some common uses:

  1. Soups and Broths: Kraft paper bowls are suitable for holding soups, broths, hot soups, or cold soups, as they have some degree of heat insulation to prevent burns.

  2. Salads: Kraft paper bowls are ideal for holding various types of salads, such as vegetable salads, fruit salads, and more.

  3. Stews and Noodles: Stews, noodles, pasta, and similar dishes can be placed in kraft paper bowls for easy consumption.

  4. Rice and Rice Dishes: Kraft paper bowls are well-suited for holding rice, fried rice, risottos, and other rice-based dishes.

  5. Noodles: Various types of noodles, like noodles, pasta, dumplings, etc., can be placed in kraft paper bowls.

  6. Breakfast Foods: For instance, oatmeal, cereals, and other breakfast foods.

  7. Desserts: Kraft paper bowls are suitable for holding desserts such as ice cream, jellies, puddings, and more.

  8. Snacks: You can use kraft paper bowls to hold items like chips, nuts, popcorn, and other snacks for easy portability.

  9. Juices and Beverages: Kraft paper bowls can also hold fruit juices, smoothies, cold beverages, and more.

  10. Takeout Foods: Many takeaway restaurants use kraft paper bowls to package food for customers to take away.
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